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Eli Wilson
Vice President, Corporate Consulting, Strategic Technology Consulting

Eli Wilson is an MBSE practitioner who derives meaning from applying MBSE and Digital Engineering principles to the unique challenges of each program, company, and industry his team serves. In 10 years of being a Systems Engineer, he has applied SE principles to everything from oil wells to spaceships and autonomous lawnmowers. He has observed that the nouns change in each industry, but the principles of managing complexity remain the same. 

During his time at Raytheon Missile Systems, Eli saw MBSE as the solution to a problem of IP loss through attrition. The models became a great tool to efficiently capture a SME’s knowledge before retirement, and to facilitate self-education of younger engineers. Since that time, he has focused on developing sustainable cultures of MBSE and Digital Engineering that can be leveraged across all programs. In his current role at STC, Eli and his team guide organizations to unlock the value proposition of MBSE, roadmap the cultural transition of going from documents to models, and posture above their competition in this Digital Engineering revolution. 

Eli is a proud father of four boys, who have drastically accelerated his aging process.