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Casey Medina
President, Studio SE, Ltd.

Casey Medina, CSEP – Casey leads Studio SE as the President and CEO.  Under his leadership, Studio SE provides a range of exemplary professional development courses, including Model-Based Systems Engineering.  He has practiced systems and quality engineering across industries, including the medical device, aerospace, defense, and transportation industries.  His expertise extends across disciplines including system development, requirements engineering, model-based systems engineering (MBSE), human factors, quality engineering, risk management, and medical device design control.  Professionally, he is focused on developing the art of systems engineering in a manner that fosters adoption and acceptance by organizations resistant to change.  He applies systems engineering practices and principles to enable rapid system development and is working to enhance the use of MBSE as an enabler for usability and human factors analyses.  He has deployed MBSE to analyze social systems and homelessness.  Casey and his team at Studio SE are pioneering the use of MBSE to evaluate natural systems and deploy MBSE to manage and solve sustainability issues.