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Bhushan Lohar
Systems Engineer, Airbus Americas

Bhushan Lohar (Shawn) has defended his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University of South Alabama (USA) and has completed MS in Engineering Management from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is working at the Airbus Americas Engineering Center as a systems engineer and an adjunct professor at the University of South Alabama, Mobile Alabama. Also serving as an INCOSE student chapter faculty advisor at the Blues Chapter.

He has over nine years of experience in project management and quality management in the automobile industry. He was a research assistant at University of South Alabama, where his research interest includes System Engineering Patterns, Space Systems Engineering, SysML, and Logical Architectures. Bhushan developed a model-based pattern library for the NASA advanced concept office at Huntsville AL, the rationale proposed in his research is to collect, and decompose published literature and other open-source information available on space system architectures and system models; develop SysML models for systems, subsystems, products, assembly, subassembly level, and mission-specific requirements using CAMEO SysML software.